The implication is that AIMYUNION is the promoter of the music entertainment industry

Company vision:
Create the world's most dynamic music industrial ecosystem and become China's largest ecosystem service operator of music industry
Company mission:
Achieve everyone's music dream Provide music consumers with high-quality music experience Prosperity of music cultures industry
Company concept:
Innovation, efficiency, responsibility and win-win

AIMYUNION TECHNOLOGY LTD. is a company that focuses on mobile Internet music equipment research and development, including the network music services terminal, music entertainment equipment, network music HIFI products.

Aimyunion is committed to creating a new form of music entertainment .
New is that we are building an Internet music entertainment ecosystem,
permeating through the commercial entertainment equipment, family,
personal audio equipment, etc, all aspects to improve the level of people's music entertainment.

It is that Aimyunion is creating an innovative Internet which is a leisure style for music entertainment that combines music entertainment with entities.
It shows that Aimyunion's through breakthrough technology and innovative thinking, unremittingly provides users with a subversive quality music leisure experience.

Mobile Internet | Social | O2O

It is the strategic keyword of Aimyunion's products and the primary target of user demand in this era.

Our responsibility is not only to create quality products, but also to give users unimpeded social experience and wonderful life experience.

The creativity as the core, the user needs as a driver, the love of music as will.

In the calm of the intelligent industry, our team gives the product a love of life temperature.

Aimyunion was founded in 2013, we are very young, so we are full of passionate to run forward.
Aimyunion expects to create the internationally standard Chinese Internet music equipment, and is dedicated to providing music lovers with high-quality music experience.
dedicated to music enthusiasts to provide quality music experience and tireles


A glass house where you can sing freely


Pure 3D dancing machine - build your own stage

Currently, Aimyunion's products include 咪哒 KSHOW, 咪哒 MINIK and E舞成名, In the future, we will launch more Hifi audio equipment and 咪哒 MINI K store and so on ,please look forward to it.