Company Advantage

Industry leader

 咪哒miniK and 咪哒Kshow are in one of the new form of music entertainment machines  which has high-value appearance and high-quality music experience, they are independently developed by AIMYUNION Technology Ltd. 咪哒miniK and 咪哒Kshow are also original brands of mini KTV in China , and are the leading brand of mini KTV in China .


Market leader

咪哒miniK and 咪哒Kshow have already landed in more than 300 cities in China , creating a new kind of self-service karaoke entertainment new blue sea market , and the market response and future development prospects are hot .


The experience of singing and recording is in the lead

 The technical standard of professional recording studio equipment , the design of a whole new high fidelity audio equipment schemes.

 Strict selection of HIFI level sound card, to ensure that the performance of the amp and the speaker areachieving the international average.

 Headsets and professional microphones are used for makingthe process of listening and singing go well . A little moreof strict requirement , can receive alittle more shock of singing and hearing .


Leading product technology

AIMYUNION TECHNOLOGY LTD focuses on music entertainment equipment for more than ten years ,咪哒MINIK and 咪哒KSHOW have received up to 27 patents. It is very strong and reliable.