Have fun while you wait_Play in 咪哒MINIK with coins.

What do you usually do at wait time? Play cell phone? Read? Or any other things? I will introduce you something to enjoy the wait time.

咪哒mini K, a new voice generation of music entertainment machine, developed over 3 years by AIMYUNION TECHNOLOGY LTD, it is also the debut original brand of mini KTV in China .

咪哒miniK, mainly launched in the national mall, big chain stores, fashion game entertainment city, cinemas and other places, market feedback is very enthusiastic.

Business data shows that the high-quality music self-support experiences as the core of the 咪哒 miniK , can drive the 80 s and 90 s young consumers gather , drive a surge of catering , shopping , leisure and recreational consumption , leading business circles experiential light entertainment business model.

One of the places is coin karaoke room (singing room). There are many karaoke rooms in China. 

But it is too expensive to sing alone or small group. Price of a normal karaoke room is maybe more than ¥200-500. And we always have extra time in normal karaoke room. Here is a solution. It is coin karaoke rooms_咪哒mini K. It is easy to find. Debris space can be operated , shopping mall , corner and rest area , cinema lounge area , transportation hub waiting area , university Campus entertainment area , fragmented entertainment time place , is the place of operation .

It is cheap enough to sing alone. Price is ¥10-20 for two songs. And in coin karaoke room you can sing just two songs or even more if you please. You can stop by to sing a few songs. It is so small that maybe just two or three could enter in one box. If you want enter with three friends (if four people enter in a box) I won’t dissuade you. If you want to play with many friends in a large room, I recommend normal karaoke rooms. Coin karaoke room is so popular that many people are waiting in line. The quality of the facilities are almost the same.

Karaoke machines have so many songs, Pop songs, Rock songs and Chinese songs to choose from. You can use coins and you can use bills as well. You can always change your money with coins in front of the karaoke room.

You can sing without boredom while you wait.Have fun while you wait_Play in 咪哒MINIK with coins.

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