There's a new karaoke_咪哒

Do you have your own special stress relievers?Or do you have a special way of using your waiting time? As stress is perceived as an origin of many illnesses these days, it is crucial to find ways to relieve stress for a healthy life. Although exercising and doing hobbies are idealistic solutions, singing your favorite songs at the karaoke room is also one of the best ways to get rid of stress. The karaoke is now a familiar place and is part of people's everyday lives. They bring cheer to us when we are sad and help us to share our joy when we are happy. Let’s talk about karaoke, the old friend who has always stood by us in joy and sorrow.Now it can help us make better use of the waiting time.

new mini karaoke

As we know ,the karaoke room is a place where you can sing, as you can guess by its name. They are also popular in various countries and they are usually called ‘Karaoke’ bars or rooms. There are microphones, karaoke machines that provide instrumental accompaniment, screens with lyrics and glaring lights. Therefore, karaoke is the best place for everyone can enjoy singing their favorite songs with friends and family. Now there's a new karaoke_咪哒(咪哒miniK and 咪哒Kshow).

a new karaoke_咪哒

咪哒mini K, a new voice generation of music entertainment machine, developed over 3 years by AIMYUNION TECHNOLOGY LTD, it is also the debut original brand of mini KTV in China .Take headphones as the core experience, sing and practice songs offline as basic function, users can self-help consumption throughout, to meet the needs of fragmented entertainment.You can get an unparalleled singing and listening experience of music here, bringing a cozy space for fast-paced urban people, and creating a relaxed, casual, pleasant atmosphere.Independent researched and developed sound system, to create a high-quality recording studio kernel; professional HIFI sound card, to ensure the Headphone Amp can reach a international recording studio level. Subvert the user's potential karaoke experience, and enjoy ultimate music.

a new karaoke_咪哒

咪哒KSHOW , is a new form of music entertainment machine with high aesthetic value and high quality music experience, researched and developed independently by AIMYUNION TECHNOLOGY LTD .Take headphones as the core experience , sing and practice songs offline as basic function . Equipped with thoughtful mobile phone holder and intimate lights, bring self-photo and live broadcast favorites with inexhaustible music sharing fun.Adopt professional recording studio equipment as technical standard , design high fidelity audio equipment schemes, some hardware exceed international level, with headset and professional microphone, to produce a amazing high quality karaoke experience, 咪哒KSHOW bring a shocked singing experience as well as its visual effects .Integrated tuning panel, simple operation, sensitive adjustment, make music freely to change.Adjust the air speed with the key, to ensure air is pure and fresh, and make you more refreshed when singing.Demand songs by a voice key, faster , and more fun . Also can retrieve the song by singer, title or favorites, easy and free.

咪哒,mainly launched in the national mall, big chain stores, fashion game entertainment city, cinemas and other places, market feedback is very enthusiastic.

Business data shows that the high-quality music self-support experiences as the core of the 咪哒 miniK , can drive the 80 s and 90 s young consumers gather , drive a surge of catering , shopping , leisure and recreational consumption , leading business circles experiential light entertainment business model .

Debris space can be operated , shopping mall , corner and rest area , cinema lounge area , transportation hub waiting area , university Campus entertainment area , fragmented entertainment time place , is the place of operation .

咪哒 can provide 24-hour self-service singing services without the need to keep watching. You can have income without leaving the house, and greatly reduce the management cost.

a new karaoke_咪哒

咪哒miniK and 咪哒Kshow are in one of the new form of music entertainment machines  which has high-value appearance and high-quality music experience, they are independently developed by GuangzhouAIMYUNION Technology Ltd. 咪哒miniK and 咪哒Kshow are also original brands of mini KTV in China , and are the leading brand of mini KTV in China .

咪哒miniK and 咪哒Kshow have already landed in more than 300 cities in China , creating a new kind of self-service karaoke entertainment new blue sea market , and the market response and future development prospects are hot .

AIMYUNION TECHNOLOGY LTD focuses on music entertainment equipment for more than ten years ,咪哒MINIK and 咪哒KSHOW have received up to 27 patents. It is very strong and reliable.

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